"Can I Really Say Goodbye to Dull, Flaky, Wrinkly Skin and Dry, Frizzy, Lifeless Hair?"

Go through the quick questionnaire below to see if the non-toxic products I'm using might help you, too... -Wardee

"She looks younger than before! How can this be?"

Hi Wardee. I started using the skin care products in May, 2020. In August, 2020, I saw a dear friend I had not seen in 11 months. When she saw me she didn't say anything; just kept looking at me. Then she said to my husband, "She looks younger than before! How can this be?" I think that says it all, lol. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping others. You are appreciated!! Love & blessings, Leann

Leann G.

I can't believe the change in one day!

When I received my first package, I washed my hair once and WOW. I can't believe the change in one day with hair products being the only thing I changed!

I would like to thank YOU for bringing unexpected joy to my life this year in the form of hair compliments. After we spoke and I got my hair care package, I began trial and error (much like you) and have found amazing results.

I love my hair more than before, which was surprising to find, and I am receiving many compliments that brighten my days.

Thank you for putting your content out there for the world. I really appreciate everything you do.

Lindsey S.

I really enjoyed spending time with her

Wardee is AMAZING!! I really enjoyed spending some time with her and appreciated how thorough she was with my needs.

Kara H.

About Wardee

Hi, I'm Wardee!

If you, like me, have struggled with your hair or skin looking older faster than you'd like, then I hope I can encourage you that it is possible to look and feel attractive and healthy again... without toxic chemicals.

My story is... when I hit my 40s, I started to feel old and frumpy. My face hurt because it felt both tight, dry, wrinkly and flaky. And my hair was awful. It was dry, frizzy, tangly, and flat, and had lost the curl definition, shine, and bounce I'd had when I was younger.

I was soooo frustrated because it was important to me to look good and healthy, especially for my husband. I tried all sorts of " natural" products and homemade remedies but nothing seemed to work… plus they gave me headaches or rashes.

But, I decided to keep trying different non-toxic products, including some homemade. When I finally found the ones that worked for me... within a month, my skin looked brighter and younger and my hair was shiny and bouncy with defined curls... and not frizzy.

It's been several years now... and I feel like I've found out how to turn back my clock a bit. Plus I feel beautiful for my husband.

I've been online for quite awhile (you may have seen me through Traditional Cooking School videos) and many people have noticed that my hair and skin has gotten better as I've gotten older. I appreciate the compliments... it's very sweet and makes me feel good. :)

And with these compliments, I also get a lot of requests to share what products and techniques I'm using.

If you or anyone you know might be wondering, too, I would love to share more with you!

However, I've tried a lot of different products, and people have different hair and skin types as well as issues. So instead of me directing you to the wrong products, personally I think it will work best if you would go through the quick questionnaire on this page to make sure it's even a good fit for you.

And if it seems like it is, THEN my website will automatically direct you to the next page where you'll fill out a quick form to tell me more about your needs and issues, so then I can direct you to what I think might work best for you. (I'll send you my recommendations over email or text.)

Keep in mind, this is an adventure and we're always learning... so I hope you're willing to experiment, too. I wouldn't have gotten to the point I am if I hadn't done a ton of experimenting with products and techniques. Even though I know we all want a quick fix, it's worth it to put some time and effort into the journey!

So... if you or anyone you know might want to know more about what I'm using or might recommend for you, please go through the quick questionnaire on this page. If it seems like a good fit for you, then we'll take it from there. :)

God bless you!